About Us

The Company

Gimbooks was launched in August 2017 as an easy-to-use Invoice maker app in Android to tackle the confusion about invoicing and bookkeeping that followed when GST was launched in India. But the phenomenal response and demand led to Gimbooks being developed into an affordable, easy to use, GST compliant, invoicing and accounting software.

For small and medium scale companies, it was a boon to have the Gimbook app on the mobile, besides the PC, to take care of any invoicing and accounting anytime, anywhere.

  1. Highly economical
  2. Gimbooks is a unique accounting software which has been developed with the main intention of making easy and affordable accounting solutions accessible to everyone, hence it has been economically priced. The software can be used very effectively even by people without an accounting background. Thus, it also saves businesses the cost of a professional accountant.

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  3. Simple & easy to use
  4. In a developing economy like India, there are thousands starting a new business every day. Gimbooks helps these small and middle level businessmen to take care of their invoicing and accounting needs quickly and easily, while they get more time to focus on establishing their business. Gimbooks simplifies their work as it can be used by anyone without any prior training.

  5. Indian centric & SME centric
  6. One big advantage of Gimbooks is that it has been designed keeping the Indian SME industry in mind. It is friendly to the Indian businessman who has specific needs while managing their day to day book-keeping and every other accounting need. The software however can also be customized for other countries and is all set to be launched in the US.

  7. Auto customizable
  8. Gimbooks helps businesses to run smoother with invoices sent out quickly and payments coming in on time, by keeping their invoices and accounts in place. Gimbooks is a mass product available online or can be downloaded but it can be auto customized to suit every client’s specific need.

  1. GST Compliant
  2. You can bid goodbye to all your GST related woes. Your Gimbooks accounting software will automatically calculate your GST on every invoice you create. All your GST liability calculated from every invoice, waybills, quotation, purchase will be in front of you whenever and wherever you need it. Easy, simple, quick.

  3. Mobile Apps
  4. Technology has made it possible to run your life and your business through your mobile phone. Gimbooks can be operated not only from your PC but also your smart phone. So whether it is tracking your expenses, creating and sending a GST compliant invoice or even sending a quotation, you can do it in an instant while on the move.

  5. Cloud Based
  6. Gimbooks is cloud based and the software is very regularly updated. This ensures that you get updated versions of the software automatically and also your data is secure and safe, even if your computer crashes or your mobile phone is stolen. You have complete visibility and control over sensitive data and can decide who can have access to what.

  7. Customizable
  8. Every business needs accounting but the needs of every industry are different and so are the accounting requirements. Gimbooks has simple, yet professional, customizable invoice templates, among others. You can customize every accounting requirement according to your specific need and send it to clients in seconds.

  9. Ease of use
  10. With Gimbooks, you will never have to worry about your accounting anymore. You can get started in a matter of seconds and it is simple, reliable and secure. You can access it anywhere, anytime and easily manage your cash flow by sending out invoices and billing instantly.