Nowadays, every invoice beyond the minimal limit needs to be escorted with an e-way bill. One can either login to  the portal, item wise the information and initiate an e-way bill or use the offline tool that imports the information to  e-way bill portal and generate. A lot of time and effort goes into complying with the e-way bill needs, Now that  invoicing is a daily scheme. With e-invoicing requirements. It makes it even more strenuous.

Don’t you think it will be uncomplicated if you just record an invoice in a software which undoubtedly interrelates with e-way bill portal and initiates it as well? Yes! This is exactly how the connected e-way bill works. Here are  some of the most important explanations on the basis of which you should select an e-way bill software for your  business.

Why is it necessary for your business to use connected e-way bill software?

In order to eliminate numerous problems concerning the transportation of goods, the demand and need for an online and  newfangled mode of systematic electronic e-way bill had become the present priority. Let us recognise the importance of  connected e-way bill software for your business.

If you’re operating through a manual or hand operated method to proceed several business transactions, it becomes  somewhat difficult to acknowledge the distance travelled from one place to another for a certain deal. Considering that e way bills are critical when it comes to adherence, you cannot screw up the numbers in any way. Since GimBooks is  integrated with several online portals to make certain complete tax compliance, initiating precise e-way bill will become an  ideal eventuality. You can simply sync the details on the e-way bill portal, some of the necessary data and improvise and  update the invoices without worrying about the numbers going faulty.

Generating majority e-Way Bills using GimBooks saves a lot of time for a user. Usually, transportation of all the  consignments require a discrete e-way bill. Nevertheless, given its several advantages there came an issue where generation  of multiple consignments in a single vehicle was observed . In situations where the transporter is transporting the  consignment of multiple parties. After generating various e-way bills by the parties for beneficial purposes, an alternative for  the transporter to generate a single consolidated e-way bill has also been given. A user can generate all the transactions all  through the day, and by the end of the day he has to refer to the e-Way Bill portal only once and create in bulk for all his  transactions. By using GimBooks, possibilities of leaving out an e-way bill is also slight as it will track all your  transactions that are created, and will also inform you about the transactions for which e-Way Bills are yet to be generated.

Easily switch between the portal and your system

You can first generate the e-way bills in the portal and then update the invoice characteristics in your GimBooks You can  even refer to first creating your invoice, supplying additional details in the invoice at the same time and producing a JSON file of  the data. Based on your convenience and benefits you can simply adjust between the portal and GimBooks to generate your  e-way bills.

A connected e-way bill software which is integrated with the e-way bill portal will also provide you with the added benefit  of looking over deficient, ill-matched or incomplete information as per GSTR 1. In GimBooks, if a voucher has several irregularities, on sorting out one exception it will move to the next exception category until all exceptions are settled and  worked out and entries moved to “Included” in Returns. In actual fact, you can print, export or email the transactions of the  Uncertain Transactions (Corrections needed) report, and the Uncertain Resolution screen of every exception.

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