Jan 14, 2020

GimBooks accounting software for Indian small business owners

Not all business owners are good with numbers. And accounting involves a lot of calculations on a regular basis. Even if some are good in calculations, there is no guarantee that they will completely avoid mistakes. Using an accounting software will not only provide them with accurate calculations but it will also do it instantly.

Small business owners find it difficult when it comes to managing their day-to-day accounting activities. It is crucial to keep the business running smoothly while maintaining the record of their finances. Managing these records are important for the success of a business. If they don’t keep financial records properly, then it will be complicated for them to track any profit or losses.

To eliminate these burdens, business owners can opt for accounting tools. But again, the problem is there are so many solutions available. And there are only a handful of software that will fulfill your requirements. One such tool is Easy Invoice Manager by Gimbooks. It provides a great way to simplify the process of accounting. There are numerous advantages of using this accounting software -


Many people, especially those who own small businesses, are hesitant to invest in an accounting tool as they find it complicated to use the tool. However, that’s not the case. Easy Invoice Manager by Gimbooks is specially developed for simplistic use. You don’t need any kind of help to use it. People with basic computer knowledge can learn to use it within minutes.


The recent introduction of the GST has added another complication to accounting. All the businesses have to meet the tax requirements and calculating tax can be difficult for small businesses. That’s why tools like Easy Invoice Manager by Gimbooks provides simple and quick GST filing features. So, you don’t have to worry about violating GST norms.


Another great thing about Easy Invoice Manager by Gimbooks accounting software is that it is quite flexible; which means you can customize the software according to the need of your business. It allows you to create invoices specific to your industry.

Mobile App

You don’t have to rely on a computer system to get the benefits of accounting software. Easy Invoice Manager by Gimbooks also provides a dedicated mobile app. So, you just need a smartphone to create and share invoices, e-way bills, quotations, payment receipts, etc.  

Moreover, Easy Invoice Manager by Gimbooks makes it possible to track all your business activities. You can check and manage your supplies, track your purchase and expenses, and send payment reminders to your customers. Thus, you have a clear idea whether your business is doing good or needs improvement.
Now, you must’ve realized that accounting and bookkeeping isn’t as hard as you might have thought. It's just a matter of choosing the right tool. And it’s not just that you should invest in accounting software because many other businesses are using it, but the features and simplicity offered by tools like Easy Invoice Manager by Gimbooks makes it absolutely worth it.